Preparing you for tomorrow, today.

At Evident, our sole focus is on rural and community healthcare. It’s a unique environment – one where resources are often limited, and personal relationships mean a great deal. Healthcare is different when the people you care for are your friends and neighbors.

We recognize the challenges rural and community hospitals face every day: the need for simplicity and cost containment, and the importance of a high quality healthcare experience for patients and physicians alike. Evident, with our purpose-built EHR solution and proactive support approach, is the partner of choice for hundreds of organizations and thousands of practitioners as they strive to deliver quality care.

Our team of EHR experts is looking ahead, collaborating with clients to prepare for what’s to come. A future based on addressing the health of entire communities, where individuals become more responsible for their personal health. A future where data analytics is the key to population health management and the advancement of quality care. A future where hospitals and providers are ready for new mandates and payment models long before they arrive.

That’s the future we see. And we want to make sure our customers are ready for it.