Hospital EHR

Thrive reaches into every part of the hospital, from the pharmacy and lab to the ED and nursing stations – even to the patient’s bedside.

  • All applications use a single patient record, ensuring consistency and timeliness
  • Extensive workflow automation frees more time for patient care
  • Streamlined interfaces enhances efficiency

Patient care depends on a complex web of interdependent workflows, resource allocations, checks and balances, specialized tasks, caregiver roles and patient relationships. Thrive, an end-to-end EHR solution for rural and community hospitals, links every patient interaction together to help you deliver safe, quality care.

  • Reliable, consistent information to support every element of patient care, delivered in context
  • Optimized workflows tuned for each user role – physicians, clinicians, nurses and technicians
  • Responsive information capture and retrieval delivering key insights, where and when they’re needed most
  • Patient records automatically and continuously updated with all care interactions, physician orders, lab results and documentation

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Provider EHR

This fully integrated solution extends Thrive EHR data into private practices and clinics for a seamless continuum of care.

  • Customizable workflows aligned to physician preferences
  • Robust clinical documentation and practice management capabilities
  • Complete integration with Thrive EHR and full interoperability with other EHR systems

In clinics and private practice, physicians have little time to spare. Those precious minutes should be spent interacting with patients, not used up managing information. With Thrive, the same user interfaces and data presentation doctors use at the hospital carry over to their own practice, in a form tailored to the ambulatory care environment.

  • Evidence-based documentation templates for streamlined charting and greater consistency
  • Smoother workflow, freeing time to devote to patients for better engagement
  • Efficient practice management tied to one single patient record – no separate databases for scheduling, billing or insurance claims
  • Integrated application and data design to eliminate error and redundant effort

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Patient Management

Thrive EHR supports all the activities that facilitate and complement hands-on care, from patient education and scheduling to compliance and quality improvement.

  • Comprehensive management of patient-related hospital activities and measurement of quality to ensure best results
  • Simplified reporting to meet patient performance mandates
  • Secure handling of all patient data, with assured accountability

Ensuring quality care also means smooth, well-managed hospital operations. Thrive keeps procedures and appointments across the organization in sync so patients aren’t kept waiting while seeing to it that resources are used efficiently. Every tool needed to measure, and report on quality is provided.

  • Enterprise-wide scheduling, coordinated to optimize time and resource utilization
  • Integrated tools and indicators that support a centralized approach to total quality management
  • Ensured security through digital signature capture and tracking
  • Robust, patient-friendly information database to raise self-medication and care compliance
  • Patient information is available across all care settings, minimizing time needed for providers to find historical patient data

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Revenue Cycle Management

A robust set of capabilities for your business office, streamlining the revenue cycle to guarantee a healthy cash flow.

  • End-to-end patient account management, billing and collection
  • Fully automated insurance claim processing
  • Complete integration with Thrive EHR data, including ICD-10 codes

With limited resources, staying on top of insurance claims and patient accounts can be a challenge that threatens the hospital’s financial wellbeing. Designed for rural and community healthcare, Thrive EHR reduces your workload and helps deliver accurate claims reimbursement on time, every time, thanks to extensive automation and data integration.

  • Consistent, timely data supports accurate coding for proper reimbursement
  • Automated claim processing speeds payment and reduces errors
  • Built-in follow-up mechanisms for patient collections and insurance payments enhance cash flow
  • Real-time transaction entry eliminates inefficient end-of-day and end-of-month processing

Financial Management

Thrive offers all the tools, insights, planning and reporting capabilities executives need to keep the hospital on the right financial track.

  • Complete enterprise management functionality, from accounting and budgeting to HR and reporting
  • Full integration with patient billing and insurance information
  • Flexibility to accommodate a single hospital or multiple facilities

Healthy hospitals lead to healthy communities. To maintain independence and be a provider that attracts patients and medical talent, it is essential to keep the hospital financially sound. Thrive enables the C-suite to manage for long-term financial sustainability, so that the people of your community can rely on you for years to come.

  • Decision support for department-by-department investments with the goal of quality patient care
  • Full integration with all hospital operational data to enhance accounting accuracy
  • Robust reporting for up-to-the-minute insight on financial health
  • Thorough checks and balances to ensure integrity of shared data

Information Management

A broad suite of applications that enable you to easily retrieve, manage and safeguard critical Thrive EHR data, both current and historical.

  • Flexible, ad-hoc reporting for all Thrive EHR patient data
  • SQL-compliant database for seamless integration with third-party reporting tools
  • Robust archiving, backup and disaster recovery
  • Data analytics for enhanced clinical and operational decision support

Quality patient care depends on making sure information and insights are available when and where they are needed, with complete reliability. Using Thrive, rural and community hospitals can manage EHR data efficiently throughout its lifecycle, secure it against loss, and manipulate it at will to produce new insights.

  • Open database access for transparent integration with analytics
  • Automated backups and “warm server” system restoration for uninterrupted service
  • Permanent, accessible online storage of historical records to eliminate reliance on paper archives
  • Simplified, customizable reporting for deeper insight into patient and population data
  • Available Flash storage technology for efficient, easy-to-use information management

In the world of electronic health records, Thrive EHR stands out. It’s built on a simple, powerful idea: consistency. One system, one seamless user experience, one timely patient record that spans the continuum of care. It’s a future-ready EHR solution that fits the rhythm and flow of rural and community healthcare today.