Find all relevant patient information in a single location. Physicians can view clinical data with their own diagnostics and therapeutic notes for quality diagnosis and treatment.

Notes is a pivotal tool that provides complete, thorough and convenient documentation in Thrive for all aspects of the physician-patient encounter. All relevant patient information is in one place, providing physicians with immediate access to clinical data alongside their own diagnostic and therapeutic notes. It allows physicians to maintain the efficient and timely clinical workflow they desire. The result is complete, highly specific and clearly recorded patient information leading to more effective diagnosis and treatment. The Notes templates can be customized as needed by each facility to meet individual provider needs.

Electronic Documentation

Reduce documentation time by replacing paper forms with more accessible and legible electronic notes. Physician workflow is streamlined with the use of any combination of templates and free-text notation. Documentation can be captured via voice recognition software.

Clinical Decision Support

Integration with Thrive’s ChartLink® and clinical applications provides physicians with clinical decision support tools that reduce the frequency of diagnostic errors. The integration of lab results, clinical data, diagnoses and medications into the documentation process ensures that quality patient care is administered quickly and effectively.

Features and Benefits

  • Integrates with clinical applications to allow documentation inclusion of:
    • Vitals Signs
    • Lab Results
    • Orders
    • Medications
    • Allergies
    • Immunizations
  • Allows electronic signing, amending and versioning of documents.
  • Promotes compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Minimizes redundancies, provides all members of the are team access to real-time patient information, and greatly reduces diagnostic errors.
  • Designed around the patient narrative and optimal physician workflow, it’s incredibly intuitive and user centric.

Notes is a key outcome of our Single Platform Solution Strategy which aims to deliver products efficiently and of greatest benefit for all customers across the CPSI family.

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“Notes has really improved my day and my flow of patient care.”
Dr. Aron Burke, Community Hospital, Fairfax, MO